Safety and comfort on board

I like this headline as safety and comfort a long way is very close connected. Let me start to comment on the ships safety equipment and then I will be talking about the equipment that adds to our comfort, and as a matter of this, also to our safety.

I case of charter you have to decide if you want to bring the dinghy (stored on deck) and launched by the spinnaker halyard. Dinghy and engine is an extra weekly cost!

Because S/Y Thyra is a charter sailing vessel a lot of safety regulations has to be followed. Some of the following things might seem a bit overkill, but that is the reason. This is what we got:

SOLAS “B” approved Viking liferaft 16 persons
2 SOLAS approved lifering, one with light, one with line
6 SOLAS approved Baltic inflatable lifevests
3 SOLAS approved Viking inflatable lifevests for kids
Emergency power for radio and navigational lights
MOB brace
Sufficient amount of pyroteknik
Lifelines from cockpit to front
Hookingpoints for lifelines I cockpitt

8 lifelines

Max Power rejectable bow truster
Ebersprecher D5 heater
3,4 m Humber RIB
9,9 HP Mercury outboard – Will be updated, hopefully during 2021, to Yamaha Enduro 15 HP

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