Down Below Thyra is originally fitted in two different types of wood – Teak and Koto-mahogony – although almost all Koto is now painted white. This gives us a lighter look and all tear and wear from more than 45 years and more than 220.000 NM of sailing has been ‘removed’. Apart from very few changes to make her more comfortable, she still has the original accommodation plan.

Thyra is capable of sleeping 8 persons as a comfortable maximum. With a skipper and mate onboard, that means we can accommodate six crew.
Each person gets their own bunk, with some private storage for clothing and personal stuff.

Drawing of Walross III as she was accommodated in her participation in Whitbread Round the World race in 1982

Forward you will find the vee-berth doubles. Originally it was two separate pipe berths, but we have changed this to a more propper and crosier cabin witch also adds more comfort. The downside of this off course is loss of originality, but before we bought the boat a bow truster was already installed and some changes to the arrangement already made. We did keep the original pipe berths though, and might fit them one day in the future…
The forward hatch is big and on a slider. Sails will easily be passed onto the deck an the opening also accommodate a ladder to gain access to the foredeck from this front cabin.

Moving aft you will find the first of two sliding doors to separate the front cabin with the ‘hallway’. In the hallway you will find big hanging lockers to starboard and a head to port. The head has a manual Jabsco toilet, shower and a optional holdingtank of 63 liters.

Through the hallway you enter a section of 4 berths whereas the upper one to port is a ‘double’. But maybe only double for a small couple or two kids:-) The section is parted from the saloon by another sliding door and makes a quiet sleeping-arrangement eventhough the party continues in the saloon:-)

Next is a big saloon which has a pilotberth to port. The saloon table and the sofa is also to the port, making space for a big galleryarrangement longship in starboard side. The gallery is designed to make a lot of food to the crew on oceangoing voyages. Two sinks, fridge with a small freezer, big cooler in table, owen, two burners, a lot of storage, saltwatersupply and pressured freshwater hot and cold.

In the saloon you will also find the TV, Fusion AV 650 stereo and a ladder to the middledeck.

Moving aft through a door you enter the aft cabin. Here you find the navtable and all onboard navigational instruments. Its more or less all B&G and we try to keep it simple. The aft cabin also accommodate two single berths, one in each side. Originally they are advertised as two double berths, but even though you can extend them you still might find them too small for great comfort for two. To the port you find the biggest of the two heads onboard.

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