S/Y Thyra
1971 S&S Swan 55 // ex Walross III
Hull no. 13 of 16 build

In 1971 Swan 55 hull no. 13 designed by Sparkman & Stephens was build and sold to the German sailor Mr N. N raced the boat for several years but at the end he found it too heavy and not compettitive enough and sold it to Akademicher Segel Verein (ASV) Berlin. In ASV Jan Pott was babtised Walross III and followed their old Walross II.

In ASV the boat earned most of its glorious story. It sailed all waters on planet earth. It logged more than 220.000 NM and the highlight of its life was definately the participation in the second edition of Whitbread round the World race in 1981/82.

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